Turmeric Elixir recipe

turmeric drink

Helpful for reducing inflammation in the body. Whether it be arthritis, tendinitis, gastritis, colitis, or any other itis really. And it tastes pretty good. Better for you than a turmeric latte!


5 turmeric roots (the size of your finger) – amount that fits into your palm
1 large ginger root (size of your hand)
3 organic whole lemons (skin and all)
2 tbls organic honey
1 litre spring water
Add a few peppercorns or pinch of cayenne pepper
Cold pressed coconut oil

Juice the turmeric, ginger and lemons, then blend the honey with a hand held mixer or food processor, then top up with 1 litre of water (filtered ideally). Have 1 inch of liquid in glass topped up with boiling water (drink warm) with 1 tsp coconut oil, first thing in the morning and in the evening if you feel inclined.

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