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10 ways to boost immunity


In case you haven’t noticed, now is the time to boost your immune system.  There are plenty of respiratory infections in circulation and your best defence is a robust immune system.  Here are 10 simple things you can do to boost your immunity:

  1. Get sufficient sleep; which is 7-9 hours for most adults folks.
  2. Get sufficient exercise; which is minimum 150 minutes weekly for most adults.
  3. Reduce your stress levels; even taking 5 minutes each day to do something that relaxes you will help.  Attending a Meditation class will help even more.
  4. Do breathing exercises; simple breathing awareness for 5 minutes daily will do. Qi Gong or Yoga exercises are even better.
  5. Avoid eating refined sugar; use natural sweeteners like stevia if it helps.
  6. Have an acupuncture or cupping session. Yes either can boost your immune response or help you recover.
  7. Take our popular liquid Panax Ginseng
  8. Take our high potency Vitamin C
  9. Take our Defence Plus Formula
  10. Take our Resistance Formula

(The above products are available at Freedom Chinese Medicine)

Dr. Elaine Hickman
Dr. Elaine Hickman

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