18 Ways to Look & Feel Healthier

HappyHere are 18 Tips on Looking and Feeling Healthy over the Summer Months:

1. Include fresh raw salad vegetables with every meal

2. Add nuts and seeds to salads for an extra protein boost

3. Add beans and legumes to salads to make them more hearty and healthy

4. Steam or poach fish and chicken and lightly cook red meats

5. Steam or lightly cook greens such as spinach and Asian greens with some garlic and drizzle with lemon juice

6. Eat your fill of fresh vegetables – they will not cause weight gain – in fact the additional fibre in vegetables will help you lose weight by increasing the excretion of built up toxins in your system and improve your gut health


7. Enjoy the seasonal summer fruits – a wide variety of fruits are available throughout the summer months – make the most of them

8. If you are worried about the sugar content of fruit, include tart fruits such as lemons, limes, pineapple, grapefruits, kiwi, blueberries, raspberries and granny smith apples in your diet – these foods are naturally lower in sugars than the sweeter fruits

9. Tart fruits are also beneficial to the liver and gallbladder and the most detoxifying of fruits

10. Add fruit to natural yoghurt with some added chia or nuts and seeds for crunch as a yummy desert – the protein in the yoghurt will help balance the sugar from the fruit

11. Throw all kinds of fruits and vegetables into your smoothie – a mix of both will balance out the sugar and add many more nutrients to your diet

12. Remember that we don’t need to eat bread with every meal – or even every day

13. Limit the amount of alcohol you consume – enjoy a wine or beer if you like to – just not every day

Liquid Food14. Move more – aim for at least a 20-30 minute walk most days of the week – the more you move the better you will feel – both physically and emotionally

15. As the days get longer a 30 minute walk after dinner will help the digestion of your meal

16. Get some sunshine to increase your Vitamin D levels after winter – aim for 15-20 minutes sun exposure on your arms or chest every day if possible – avoid the hottest part of the day and be careful not to get burnt

17. Vitamin D will help you feel good emotionally and aids the absorption of nutrients such as calcium

18. Drink lots and lots of water to keep hydrated and help detoxify your system – your body will thank you for it and your skin will look great

At Freedom Chinese Medicine we don’t follow a one size fits all approach. We tailor an individualised health plan to you, in achievable steps so you can get more well and stay that way. And we will be honest with you, setting realistic health goals that you can achieve and maintain with your current state of health & lifestyle. We offer tailored diet advice during our consults, such as our proven fertility diet

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Why Meditation is Good for You

If you experience anxiety or stress you may have been recommended to try meditation. But you may not be completely clear on why.

You might wonder how “sitting with your eyes closed and doing nothing” is meant to help you. But in truth, mindfulness meditation is much more than sitting quietly. It is the active training of the mind to increase situational and self-awareness. Meditation focuses our awareness on the present moment and helps us to accept and release thoughts without judgement. We don’t need to believe every thought that we have, and we can train our minds to be less attached and reactionary to a passing idea.

If you’ve seen an acupuncturist for anxiety or pain you’ve probably had a conversation about deep breathing and mindfulness meditation.

Here’s why: People that meditate are shown to have reduced stress hormones.

Cortisol is the stress hormone. Cortisol prompts inflammation in the body and where there in inflammation there is pain, and often anxiety.

Research suggests that mind and body practices, including meditation, reduces inflammation and helps to regulate the immune system.

People who meditate have reduced Cortisol because when they practice mindfulness their bodies experience the “relaxation response”. This relaxation response reduces the output of stress hormones and changes our brain wave patterns. In fact, it’s been found that regular meditators have a larger hypothalamus than non-meditators. Mindfulness literally changes the brain.

Does meditation help with anxiety?

Johns Hopkins University researchers found that 30 minutes of daily mindfulness meditation had similar antidepressant and anxiety reducing effects to commonly prescribed medications. Mediation is helpful for people in high pressure work roles too. Eight weeks of semi-regular mindfulness meditation was found to be effective in influencing the quality of life, job satisfaction and psychological symptoms of health care professionals.

Does meditation help with high blood pressure?

Results of a trial run in 2009 suggest that practicing meditation lowers the blood pressure of people at risk of developing high blood pressure. The findings of the same study also supported the use of meditation to manage psychological distress, anxiety, depression, anger & hostility, and general coping ability.

Does meditation help with cravings?

Meditation can even help you to quit smoking and stop overeating. Results of a 2013 brain imaging study suggest that mindful attention reduces the craving to smoke, and that it reduced activity in a craving-related region of the brain.

Essentially, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Meditate at home today. Just 20 minutes daily will be enough to benefit from the practice! You could sit or lie quietly alone and focus on your breath. Or you could try one of these free meditation podcast, click here to access them.

Written by:

Dr Heather Dowall

Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist

Dr  Heather Dowall is a warm, intuitive and enthusiastic practitioner. Heather graduated from Endeavour College of Natural Health with a Health Science degree majoring in Acupuncture.

Heather is passionate about fertility and pregnancy support, pain relief, cancer support, and providing relief for anyone experiencing anxiety, depression, emotional trauma or PTSD.

Heather simply loves helping people. And also offers Massage Therapy, Cupping & other Oriental Therapies, with our without Acupuncture.


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Healing through Reiki

Reiki healing

By Sue Wellwood

Reiki is a spiritual healing art with its roots coming from Japan. First developed in 1922 by Mikao Usui. Coming from the Japanese word (Rei) which means “Universal” and (Ki) which means Energy. Therefore Reiki can be defined as the Higher Intelligence Life Force that guides the creation and functioning of the universe.

Reiki & Energetic Healing tap into the universal life force that we are surrounded by. This is a gentle and balancing way to restore harmony within the body. This hands on healing generates life force that we all have around us. We are abundant with energy; it comes to us in many ways, through light, the sun, the wind, the breath.

These energies nourish the organs and cells of the body and support them. When out of balance or when the life force flow is disrupted, it causes the organs and tissues to block, this can stop the flow of blood and energy, which can cause pain in the body.

This life force is also responsive to thoughts and feelings. When we have negative thoughts and feelings they can attach to the energy fields and cause disruption in energy flow. Reiki helps heal the flow of the affected areas and gives a positive charge to the fields. It raises the vibration of the energy body and can cause negative energy to break apart and fall away.

Reiki is a simple and safe way to help balance and bring awareness of how the body feels. With regular Reiki one can begin to feel the difference in the self and may then like to look at lifestyle habits and conditions to make changes that are beneficial to their health.

Reiki can help ease depression, stress and anxiety, muscle tension, adrenal glands, emotional trauma; it works on all levels – physical, mental and emotional.

If you’d like to try Reiki to ease depression, muscle tension and restore balance to your body, contact us on 9486 5966 or click here to book online. You will receive a $20 discount if you mention this offer and have your appointment by the 12th of October 2018.

Written by:

Sue Wellwood: Massage Therapist

Sue Wellwood specialises in a number of healing techniques that help bring balance and calmness to the body. Reiki

treats the whole person with “Universal life force energy” reducing stress and being relaxation that promotes healing.









1. Lee, W (2018): www.reiki.org

Qigong for Weight Loss

How does qigong for weight loss work?

by David Shepherd

To begin with qigong practice ultimately involves bringing equilibrium and harmony to the systems of the body. Its aim is to bring an out of balance body back into balance. In regards to obesity, in its range of degrees, solutions usually require a multi faceted approach to yield successful results.

Looking back at the life styles of our primitive ancestors, it is clearly evident that they lived very physically active lives, in a natural unadulterated world. They existed without any of the sedentary luxuries, over processed foods and recreational distractions that we have at our finger tips today.

This lifestyle most certainly kept our primitive ancestors lean, whereas obesity today has become more of an epidemic. The roll on effects of obesity, leads to the potential of developing diabetes, hypertension, heart attack, coronary heart disease, stroke, depression and infertility. In children risks include, insulin resistance, pediatric diabetes, depression, hypertension or developmental problems.

Our emotional state also is a contributing factor in relation to weight gain. Our bodies naturally produce hormones that are released to help cope with stressful situations in our life, such as jumping out the way of a bus. These hormones are effective at slowing down the systems of the body so as to conserve energy and protect us from threat but the side effect is that they slow metabolism and in turn store fat.

Today, however, many people are exposed to an out of context  and overbearing relationship with stress and anxiety, and this becomes very confusing for our flight and flight response, which leads to imbalance in our metabolism and resulting weight gain.

Qigong, through a range of postural movement and breathing techniques, slowly cultivates and forges the qi (vital energy) inside the body. In turn this promotes more efficient blood circulation. When qi flows effectively, this encourages correct blood flow along the veins and arteries. Therefore Qigong is an important facet in a management plan for weight loss

From my professional observations and first hand personal experience, a qigong student begins to learn how to profoundly relax. Their spirit becomes imbued with calmness and they develop a happy demeanor. They begin to develop greater stamina and lust for life as well as sleeping more soundly. This improved health internally natural reflects also externally to the outer body in clear eyes, a smiley disposition, clear skin, shiny hair and improved muscle tone.

All these health improvements through qigong, along with keeping a close eye on correct nutrition most definitely have a positive outcome on weight loss. The body is invigorated which gives rise to a boosted metabolism and a natural healthy appetite. The body is moving positively toward a renewed state of balance and harmony.

To join our Qi Gong classes, call us on 9486 5966 to inquire or book online here.

Written by:

David Shepherd

Tai Chi & Qi Gong Instructor

David has been practicing and teaching the practices of Wu Dang Fu style Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Wu Shu, Hsingyi, Bagua and Meditation for more than 37 years. He is well equipped and passionate about the authentic teaching of these ancient arts. He looks forward to sharing his knowledge with you at Freedom Chinese Medicine.


1. Ni, Maoshing. (2008) Ancient Wisdom/Modern Medicine – Tao of Wellness: Natural treatments for weight loss.


Yoga Classes

an 8 week course to support you to understand your body better through yoga


By focusing on the basics of Yoga alignment, you have greater awareness of your body, & have the capacity to practice Yoga safely, working with YOUR body’s ability at any given moment.

This course is suitable for the seasoned Yogi or a total beginner (including those of you who ‘think’ you are inflexible & can’t do yoga!).

Once you understand basic alignment, you can practice yoga anywhere & understand YOUR body’s ability.

Fiona has walked the yoga path for over 16 years, with yoga bestowing balance and flow in her life – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Fiona’s yoga experience embraces the traditions of Ashtanga, Hatha, and Yin … and Fiona is ever constantly evolving with continual education and study. From this experience, Fiona creates classes to fit her students’ levels and needs – from babies, kids, special needs, pre and post natal to adults of all ages … & levels!

Fiona looks forward to meeting you in her class.

When:  Saturdays 10:00AM – 11:00AM – June 13th to August 1st, 2015

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