Moisturising Tea

chinese herbsThis tea helps to moisturise dry skin & airways, from the inside out. It can also help a sore throat.

The Moisturising Tea is available at Freedom Chinese Medicine and contains:

● Xue Er (snow fungus) – contains iron, Vitamin C, calcium, phosphorous. Contains immune stimulants to fight chronic infections, promotes anti-tumor activities, protects the liver and decreases inflammation. Xue Er is traditionally used in Chinese Medicine to hydrate and nourish the lungs, ease dry cough and decrease inflammation (heat) in the lungs.

● Nan Xing Ren (Southern apricot kernels) – is used in Chinese Medicine to stop cough and calm wheezing. It reduces sore throats and can also assist in regulating bowel movements. Research has shown that Nan Xing Ren can inhibit the respiratory centre to stop cough and calm wheezing. It reduces the level of blood triglycerides, reduces inflammation and pain and contains anti-tumor properties. Nan Xing Ren is non-toxic when properly prepared.

● Bai He (Lily Bulb) – is used in Chinese Medicine to stop cough, hydrate the respiratory and digestive systems, reduce lung inflammation and calm the spirit. Research has shown that Bai He contains small amounts of calcium,
phosphorus and iron. They also contain Vitamins B1, B2 and C.

● Chen Pi (Tangerine peel) is used in Chinese Medicine to assist the digestive system. It also stops cough and dissolves phlegm. Research suggests that Chen Pi has mild properties, as an expectorant, antiemetic, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

● Hong Zao (Chinese Red Dates, Jujube) commonly used in Chinese cooking to add a subtle sweetness in savoury dishes. These dates are used to tonify Qi, improve Blood quality, and calm the spirit.

Ingredients (in packets sold at Freedom Chinese Medicine for $14):
Xue Er (snow fungus) – 2 pieces
Nan Xing Ren (apricot kernels) – 20gm
Hong Zao (Chinese red dates) – 3 pieces
Bai He (lily bulbs) – 20gm
Chen Pi (tangerine peel) – 1 piece

Ingredients (add at home):
1x pear (preferably nashi pear) cut into pieces, core removed and
skin on
1L of water
Sugar or Stevia to taste

white fungusMethod:

1. Soak the dried snow fungus in warm water until it is
completely covered. Let it sit for about 15 minutes until it has
become soft and large. Using a pair of scissors, cut it quarters
while removing the hard yellow middle.

2. In a separate bowl, soak in warm water the dried tangerine
peel for 5 minutes.

3. Once the tangerine peel softens, using the face of a knife,
scrape off the darker side of the peel (this is the bitter part)
just slightly.

4. Start to boil your tea water

5. When the water boils, add all the dried snow pear, apricot
kernels, tangerine peel, dried dates, dried lily bulbs together.

6. Boil on medium heat for 1 hour.

7. Serve and enjoy! Ideal to drink hot.

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