Healthier Cherry Ripe pancake


We really think you might agree that there is no pancake finer than a healthier Cherry Ripe pancake!
Recipe by the fabulous Stacie Mayer
30g Oat flour
Half Scoop of chocolate protein powder
2 ea. Egg whites
7g Coconut flour
3-7g Natvia
2g Baking powder
Splash Almond milk
100g Frozen cherries
7g Unsweetened coconut flakes
Mix all of the pancake ingredients together (except the cherries and coconut flakes)
Allow to stand for 10 minutes
Heat the cherries in a microwave for 3 minutes
Cook the pancakes on a low heat
Plate one pancake and top with a few cherries and some of the syrup
Continue this method until you have a tower of layered pancakes and cherries
Top with the coconut flakes and the remaining cherry syrup

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