Natural Pain Relief

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Research has shown that:

  • Acupuncture has lasting effects on pain¹
  • Acupuncture is effective for chronic and acute pain²
  • Acupuncture can be used for various types of pain ³
  • Acupuncture is a cost-effective treatment for various types of
  • Acupuncture is often superior to usual care in treating both
    acute and chronic pain


Acute Pain Management: Scientific Evidence (Australian and New Zealand College
of Anaesthetists and Faculty of Pain Medicine) found NHMRC Level I evidence for
acupuncture for:

• Tension-type headaches
• Migraine
• Postoperative pain
• Back pain


Acupuncture for acute pain in Emergency Departments research has shown:

Acupuncture has a higher success rate than morphine (92% vs 78%)
• Shorter resolution time (16+8 minutes vs 28+14 minutes)

* • Fewer minor adverse events (4 vs 85)

Grissa MH, Baccouche H, Boubaker H, Beltaief K, Bzeouich N, Fredj N, et al. Acupuncture vs
intravenous morphine in the management of acute pain in the ED. The American journal of
emergency medicine. 2016;34(11):2112-6.

This makes natural pain relief with Acupuncture worth trying! Whether it be for reducing inflammation, tackling arthritis, or simply better pain management. At Freedom Chinese Medicine in Ivanhoe, Melbourne, we offer a combined experience of over 90 years.  We are highly experienced and are excellent communicators.

We also offer low cost, Express Acupuncture to help make freedom from pain more accessible. Because we believe that accessible health care is of paramount importance.

Contact us on 9486 5966 or click here to book online



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