Deep Sleep – Chinese Style

woman sleeping 640x480I’m sure you’ve all heard about circadian rhythms, and maybe even the role Melatonin and Cortisol have on your sleep and awake cycles. Chinese Medicine uses its own concept to explain this, and encourage best rest habits according to a Traditional Chinese Organ Body clock. The 24-hour cycle of Qi (energy) helps us know when to exercise, eat, rest and sleep, and keep our bodies and mind healthy.

It shows us that come 7pm-9pm, our energy enters into the Pericardium, and nutrients are carried to the capillaries and to each cell. This is the perfect time to read, relax, play quiet games with the family and wind down. From 9pm-11pm we should ideally be in bed, as this is the Triple Burner time, when the endocrine system adjusts the body into homeostasis, and prepares for deep rejuvenation. This is when cortisol naturally begins to diminish.

  • The other things I encourage my patients to adopt for encouraging a deep nights sleep are:
  • Avoid light stimulation 1 hour before bed (especially avoid TV, iphone and computer use)
  • Get to bed earlier, between 9-11pm
  • Sleep in total darkness
  • Avoid stimulants and alcohol before bed
  • Avoid mental and physical stimulation from 7pm when possible
  • Expose your face to the morning sun upon waking

Rest deeply and enjoy Spring
All the Best,

Dr. Jessie Fayers

Freedom Chinese Medicine

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