Japanese Acupuncture

Japanese Acupuncture is a major style of Acupuncture which is different to Traditional Acupuncture in two main ways:

1. Strong emphasis on touch

In addition to using abdominal palpation as a key diagnostic tool, Japanese acupuncturists feel around a lot before needling acupuncture points. Some might even “test” certain points, holding a finger on an acupuncture point while simultaneously pressing another (usually painful) part of the body to see if it alleviates symptoms in that area.

A natural outcome of this approach is that there tends to be a lot of interaction between acupuncturist and patient. Feedback is critical to guiding the treatment.

2.  Thinner needles

Japanese acupuncturists use very thin needles and insert them very shallowly.

It is not uncommon for a patient to feel no needle sensation whatsoever throughout an entire treatment.
Some people favour the traditional Chinese approach—”I really feel it working“—but Japanese acupuncture treatments are equally powerful and generally preferable for those who are physically weak or needle sensitive.

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