Low Cost Acupuncture

community-acu-needleOur Low Cost Acupuncture facility is now open for bookings. Making Acupuncture and Wellness Medicine available to those who could not otherwise not afford it.

What’s the difference?
Our open room acupuncture setup allows for up to 6 people in the same room to be treated at the same time. These sessions allow for you to be fully clothed, seated in  a reclining chair to receive acupuncture only. One practitioner will attend to you, then whilst you are relaxing with your acupuncture needles in place, the practitioner can then attend to other patients. In this way we can offer treatment at a cheaper rate than if you had a private room and practitioner all to yourself.

How do I book in?
You need a referral to an Open Room session from a Chinese Medicine practitioner at Freedom Chinese Medicine. This way, the standard of care won’t be compromised, ie. your consulting practitioner will make an individualised diagnosis & treatment plan for you, just like a personal trainer at the gym. Then the treating practitioner in the open room session can follow it, ensuring that you get the best treatment possible.

If you haven’t had a Chinese Medicine consultation with us before, or in the last 12 months, you need to book a closed room 30 minute consultation first.

What does it cost?

Initial Closed Room session: $60 or $49.50 concession (HICAPS available)

Open Room session $40 or $30 concession (HICAPS available)

Our HICAPS facility means that if you have extras cover with the participating health care funds we can process your rebate directly through the clinic meaning you only have to pay the gap.

How many sessions will I need?

Your consulting practitioner will be able to tell you this as it’s based on your individual case. It usually takes 4 – 6 sessions to alleviate symptoms AND prevent them from coming back (ie. treating the cause).

Why have Open Room Acupuncture?

Both patients and practitioners have noticed an increase in healing and recovery potential when treated together in a community environment. Patients have noted that they do not feel as isolated, which helps to humanise their illnesses.

Another major advantage for patients is increased affordability. Patients have reported that because of the low cost of treatments, they can afford to come in more often. Or perhaps be able to afford two therapies at the same time. In order to be effective for certain conditions, acupuncture is best performed intensively.  This is the way Acupuncture has been done in China, for thousands of years.

Here at Freedom Chinese Medicine, all of our patients are treated in a relaxed and comfortable setting for optimum healing results.

Give us a call to book now: 03 9486 5966

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