COVID-19 Update Information to All Valued Clients from Freedom Chinese Medicine

Please do not attend the clinic if you have any symptoms of COVID 19 disease eg. cough, fever, chills or shortness of breath. Skype/phone consultation are now available with all of our practitioners.

You can also contact the COVID-19 Triage Hotline – 1800 020 080. Set up to help triage people with respiratory symptoms and those who are concerned about contact with a possible COVID-19 case.

Why is this important?

People who would otherwise present at hospital emergency departments or GP clinics – and risk spreading COVID-19 – can also be given advice over the phone by trained health professionals.

Depending on their circumstances, people will be advised to attend a public hospital respiratory clinic, a primary care respiratory clinic, to self isolate at home, to seek a medical practitioner telehealth consultation or to take no further action. This will help reduce the risk of transmission.

Our Clinical and Infection Control Standards

We have increased our  infection control standards.  Some of these practices include:

  • Frequent disinfecting and wipe down of treatment surfaces
  • Thorough cleaning and disinfection of equipment and rooms
  • Frequent cleaning of all high touch areas with high grade disinfectant, including reception surfaces, door handles, light switches and treatment areas.
  • Requesting all patients to use the hand sanitiser provided upon entry into our reception areas
  • Disinfecting all used linen every day
  • Screening every patient before arrival for COVID exposure
  • Asking patients to use elbows/ feet/ paper towel for door handles/ taps etc
  • Social distancing in our waiting area
  • Asking patients to wait in their cars until their booked appointment to avoid extra people in the waiting area
  • Asking people to pay via PayPass

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us on (03) 9486 5966.

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