Please do not attend the clinic if you have any symptoms of COVID 19 disease eg. cough, fever, chills, sore throat, runny nose or shortness of breath. Skype/phone consultation are available.

You can also contact the COVID-19 Triage Hotline – 1800 020 080. Set up to help triage people with respiratory symptoms and those who are concerned about contact with a possible COVID-19 case.

Why is this important?

People who would otherwise present at hospital emergency departments or GP clinics – and risk spreading COVID-19 – can also be given advice over the phone by trained health professionals.

Depending on their circumstances, people will be advised to attend a public hospital respiratory clinic, a primary care respiratory clinic, to self isolate at home, to seek a medical practitioner telehealth consultation or to take no further action. This will help reduce the risk of transmission.

For online consultations with Dr. Elaine Hickman only:

30min consult $87 60min consult $167

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