Raindrop & Vita Flex therapy with Sue


Do you feel physically, emotionally and mentally challenged at the moment?

The Raindrop & Vita Flex Technique can help heal and support your body and mind and bring it back into balance. Vita Flex is a therapy which means “vitality through the reflexes”. Combined with 9 therapeutic-grade essential oils and you can take your healing to a whole other level:

  • Kill viral and bacterial pathogens
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Support the immune system
  • Ease respiratory discomfort
  • Relax stressed muscles
  • Relieve bone and joint discomfort

Back Massage

The Vita Flex is a specialised form of hand, foot and back massage that originated in Tibet thousands of years ago and was perfected in the 1960’s by Stanley Burroughs. Yup it’s ancient & powerful. It is based on a complete network of reflex points that stimulate all your internal body systems similar to Reflexology but different.

Click here for the groovy Vita Flex foot chart.

The Raindrop Technique is one of the most safe & gentle ways you can improve your spinal health.

Sue is one of the best massage therapists around. She is available for sessions in Ivanhoe on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. Call 9486 5966 to book. Sue Wellwood

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