Qigong for Weight Loss

How does qigong for weight loss work?

by David Shepherd

To begin with qigong practice ultimately involves bringing equilibrium and harmony to the systems of the body. Its aim is to bring an out of balance body back into balance. In regards to obesity, in its range of degrees, solutions usually require a multi faceted approach to yield successful results.

Looking back at the life styles of our primitive ancestors, it is clearly evident that they lived very physically active lives, in a natural unadulterated world. They existed without any of the sedentary luxuries, over processed foods and recreational distractions that we have at our finger tips today. drawing of man doing qigong

This lifestyle most certainly kept our primitive ancestors lean, whereas obesity today has become more of an epidemic. The roll on effects of obesity, leads to the potential of developing diabetes, hypertension, heart attack, coronary heart disease, stroke, depression and infertility. In children risks include, insulin resistance, pediatric diabetes, depression, hypertension or developmental problems.

Our emotional state also is a contributing factor in relation to weight gain. Our bodies naturally produce hormones that are released to help cope with stressful situations in our life, such as jumping out the way of a bus. These hormones are effective at slowing down the systems of the body so as to conserve energy and protect us from threat but the side effect is that they slow metabolism and in turn store fat.

Today, however, many people are exposed to an out of context  and overbearing relationship with stress and anxiety, and this becomes very confusing for our flight and flight response, which leads to imbalance in our metabolism and resulting weight gain.

Qigong, through a range of postural movement and breathing techniques, slowly cultivates and forges the qi (vital energy) inside the body. In turn this promotes more efficient blood circulation. When qi flows effectively, this encourages correct blood flow along the veins and arteries. Therefore Qigong is an important facet in a management plan for weight loss

Qi gong sequenceFrom my professional observations and first hand personal experience, a qigong student begins to learn how to profoundly relax. Their spirit becomes imbued with calmness and they develop a happy demeanor. They begin to develop greater stamina and lust for life as well as sleeping more soundly. This improved health internally natural reflects also externally to the outer body in clear eyes, a smiley disposition, clear skin, shiny hair and improved muscle tone.

All these health improvements through qigong, along with keeping a close eye on correct nutrition most definitely have a positive outcome on weight loss. The body is invigorated which gives rise to a boosted metabolism and a natural healthy appetite. The body is moving positively toward a renewed state of balance and harmony.

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Written by:

David Shepherd

Tai Chi & Qi Gong Instructor

David has been practicing and teaching the practices of Wu Dang Fu style Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Wu Shu, Hsingyi, Bagua and Meditation for more than 37 years. He is well equipped and passionate about the authentic teaching of these ancient arts. He looks forward to sharing his knowledge with you at Freedom Chinese Medicine.


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