Neck Pain Relief

Neck pain is something we see increasingly more of in the clinic. Of course, with many jobs requiring long periods of sitting in front of a computer and our smart phone habits, it’s not mystery why a lot people are experiencing it. What you may not know is the neck’s critical role of innervating and supplying blood and nerve vessels to the head, shoulder and arm. So you will find that neck pain tends to be involved with shoulder, wrist, elbow pain, and headaches.

There are a variety of causes for neck pain. The most common I see are poor posture. Whether it’s from prolonged sitting or standing in an awkward position, or sleeping posture. Other causes may be from trauma, injury or arthritic degeneration of the spine.

If neck pain is something you suffer from, acupuncture has been shown to be an effective method of treatment¹. In fact it has been shown that it can be even more effective than painkillers².

Acupuncture works in various ways to help reduce pain and increase mobility in the neck.

It causes the release of endorphins that have natural pain relieving and relaxing effect³. It increases the blood flow to muscles which can increase healing of micro tears within the muscle fibres and decrease inflammation4. It also has been shown to aid muscle loss and atrophy which can happen when there is a lack of blood flow certain muscles5.

Neck pain can be unassuming at first starting with just a small ache. However, if left untreated for a period of time it can grow and affect surrounding structures that can cause greater dysfunction. Most of the time it is simply about correcting your posture, breaking bad habits and learning to move your body in the correct way. Whether it’s acute or chronic pain, acupuncture and Chinese medicine can be effective in relieving your pain, and regaining your mobility.

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Written by:

Dr. Rebekah Loh
Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbalist

Rebekah is a super qualified and enthusiastic practitioner. She has a double degree in Health Science and Chinese Medicine she also has a degree in Biomedical Science. Rebekah completed further study in hospital internships in Nanjing, China and Taichung, Taiwan. She speaks English (fluent), Mandarin Chinese (intermediate) & Cantonese (beginner).

Rebekah can help with a whole range of conditions, and she is particularly passionate about women’s health, obstetrics, gynaecology and fertility.

In her spare time, Rebekah likes to play Futsal, Badminton and Viola.



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