Natural Health Care For Kids

Treating kids in clinic

Could your kid/s do with some help? Do you prefer health care that has less side effects? We see kids & babies every week at Freedom Chinese Medicine.

Kid's usually enjoy their sessions.  We usually use Laser Acupuncture on Children under 7 years old (or kids who prefer it). So there's no risk of discomfort and the beeping, flashing medical laser unit interests them 🙂

Sometimes we use Cupping, Acupressure or other gentle techniques as appropriate and comfortable for each child.

We've even had kids enjoy their sessions at Freedom Chinese Medicine so much that they ask their parents to bring them in 🙂

As always, we give our expert & honest opinion on what may help your child. And will advise orthodox medical attention when needed.

Kid's sessions are often much quicker and less costly than adult sessions. For example, follow up Laser Acupuncture sessions take only 15 minutes and cost $46.

All of our practitioners are experienced and comfortable treating kids & babies.

So if your child could be healthier, bring them in or drop us a line if you have any questions..

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