Liver Detox Herbal Capsules

Liver Tonic Formula – Gan Fu Kang: Bupleurum & Curcuma [CM109]

Actions: Soothes the Liver, nourishes the Liver Blood, tonifies the Spleen Qi, harmonises the middle Jiao, drains Damp-Heat, activates the Blood & dispels stasis.
Indications: Liver support.

High strength herbal capsules. 6:1 concentration. 2 weeks supply.

Usually $40.00 on sale now for $20 for a limited time only at Freedom Chinese Medicine in Ivanhoe, Melbourne. Contact us on 9486 5966 if you’d like us to put a bottle aside for you or post it to you.

Practitioner dispensing only so ask your Chinese Medicine practitioner if this is suitable for you first..

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