How Do I Know if I’m Ovulating?

The first thing to work out when you’re planning to fall pregnant, is whether you’re ovulating or not.

There are a few ways to tell:

  1. You can use an ovulation (LH surge) test kit at home.
  2. You can look for fertile mucous each cycle.
  3. You chart a rise in your basal body temperature for the second half of your cycle.
  4. You can have a pelvic ultrasound after ovulation time.
  5. A Day 21 (or 7 days post ovulation) Progesterone test is also an indicator of ovulation.

I recommend that you check by more than one of the above methods. As most are not 100% accurate. If you’ve been trying for more than 12 months (less if you’re over 35), I suggest you have the medical tests, via your GP is sufficient.

But, if you’re just starting out on this journey or want to get to know your body better, I suggest that you learn how to check for fertile mucous


take your basal body temperature. BBT for short.

What is fertile mucous?

It’s the discharge that you get usually midway through your menstrual cycle. It is like raw egg white. It is transparent, stretchy and there’s more of it than other times in your cycle. Some women notice it when they go to the toilet. Others will notice it as a wet patch in their underwear. Fertile mucous is usually noticeable for 2-3 days. We usually ovulate during this time.

If you haven’t ever noticed fertile cervical mucous before, don’t worry. Most women don’t notice until they start paying special attention.

And if you have been paying attention for a while but still haven’t noticed any.. look to some other methods, such as taking your BBT.

Written by:

Elaine Hickman

Dr Elaine Hickman

B.H.Sc.TCM (Acupuncture), Cert.Cl.Ac. (Beijing)

Elaine has trained and worked in various settings, both in Australia and China.  She has over 25 years experience in treating many health problems.  Elaine loves to provide a health care experience for people that is respectful, effective, empowering and enjoyable.  Elaine has particular expertise in Women’s Health, Children’s Health, Family Medicine and Wellness promotion. She brings extra understanding and knowledge to the table having been through infertility herself.

Elaine is available Mondays & Tuesdays at Freedom Chinese Medicine in Ivanhoe, Melbourne or via video chat most other days. Elaine’s trusted Associates are available most weekdays. Click here to book.

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