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Hair Loss Help

Hair thinning commonly happens in both men and women. It can happen gradually with age, but it can also occur more noticeably after a series of hormonal changes, medical procedures (surgery or chemotherapy) or some other trauma.

Patients who are looking for help often report that they have recovered from a significant health-deteriorating period. They have settled back into their routines and responsibilities. They feel comfortable in their bodies again. But for some reason, their hair thickness hasn’t returned. Sometimes, they are still experiencing excessive hair loss.

Looking more deeply into the details often shows that health and vitality may not have returned to the previous levels. While people are managing their day to day activities, they can report more subtle signs:

  • Being prone to viral infections that take longer to clear
  • Having lower energy levels than previously
  • Indulging in sweeter or “easier” foods more often (in this case, it’s a symptom)
  • More frequent skin problems, or consistently dry skin
  • More frequent digestive irregularities or bloating
  • More easy to bruise

These are all signs that a couple more steps need to be achieved before the
body is ready to allocated precious resources to growing a headful of shiny, luscious hair.

With Chinese Medicine, after looking at individual specifics, I usually treat hair thinning by:

  • Strengthening the digestive system – to get the most out of food and improve metabolism
  • Improving circulation – to get blood to the scalp
  • Strengthening the immune system – to better combat infections, but also to improve the quality of skin, scalp and hair
  • Ensuring sleep is restful and restorative – looking at internal temperature control, pain problems and relaxation.

When theses aspects are back in balance, it’s nice to see layers of “baby hairs” start growing back. (It’s frizzy at the start, but that gets better). This can take 3-4 months of treatment and herbal medicine. But patients seem happy to have their hair back. Not to mention resolving the other subtle problems holding them back.

Written by Dr. Christine Lee

Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbalist

At Freedom Chinese Medicine in Ivanhoe, Melbourne.

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