Chinese Medicine for Acne

Argh pimples & acne! Are you battling these problems? Chinese Medicine can help you.

Acne is a chronic condition that begins in adolescence and presents with lots of inflamed and noninflamed pimples, oily skin & cysts1. It can be such a distressing condition, especially during the teenage years. Chinese Medicine uses a holistic and unique approach for every individual. We know that certain parts of the face correspond to different organs. So, for example, if you get lots of pimples on your forehead, to treat this I recommend drinking two glasses of room temperature water when you wake in the morning. This nourishes the stomach which is represented by the forehead in Chinese Medicine and therefore reduces the pimples there. So simple and easy!

The aim of Chinese Medicine is to reduce the inflammation of pimples, so we get rid of the redness, reduce the production of pus and regulate the skin, and hormones if need be. This can be done with a combination of acupuncture, herbs, and diet and lifestyle advice. The ability of acupuncture to reduce stress, improve the immune system2 and balance hormones1 makes it a great therapy for treating pimples and acne.

Maybe you’ve tried the drugs and the side effects have been too much, or perhaps you would prefer to take a more natural approach. Whatever your motivations, come and see me so I can help you through this distressing time.

Also, if you have been left with scarring from acne, cosmetic acupuncture can help to reduce the look of scars3 and give your skin a glow from the inside out!

Let’s nip acne in the butt together (or at least reduce it!). Receive a $20 discount on your next acupuncture or Chinese medicine appointment when you mention this offer about Acne by the  15th of December 2018.

Written by:

Dr Kate Howden


Dr. Kate Howden has been carefully selected to cover most of Dr. Elaine Hickman’s shifts while Elaine is on maternity leave. Elaine is confident that you’ll be well looked after by Kate.

Dr. Kate Howden is an empathetic and caring practitioner, with over a decade of nursing experience, in both general and psychiatric nursing. And now years of experience as a Chinese Medicine practitioner. She takes a holistic approach to client care and loves seeing people feel better about themselves.

Kate has a particular passion for women’s health. She is a mother with her own children and stepchildren and understands the many challenges women face. Kate also has experience in treating withdrawal from drug and alcohol addiction.

She enjoys regular games of netball and long walks with her partner.



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