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Sleeping Through the Night

SleepIs deep, solid sleep starting to feel like an illusion for you? We all know that good sleep is essential for good health. But what do you do if you just can’t seem to get sufficient sleep? And what is adequate sleep anyways? It is about quantity and quality. Extensive research has shown that most adults need 7-9 hours of sleep each night to perform at our optimum¹.  When it comes to quality, we need blocks of uninterrupted sleep. Frequent sleep disruption causes you to transition to the lightest sleep stage which detracts from  recuperative sleep. Quality sleep is the amount of time which is set aside for sleep spent in the recuperative stages.

Here are 15 tips for better sleep:

  1. Create a relaxing wind down routine before going to sleep (read a relaxing book, listen to music, practice relaxation techniques, take a warm bath)
  2. Go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day (keeping a regular sleep pattern, even on weekends, helps to develop a sleep-wake rhythm that encourages better sleep)
  3. Create a comfortable sleep environment. You can try to control a number of the elements in your bedroom that will promote a good sleep, such as:
    • Temperature – for most people, cool is better than hot.
    • Light- keep your bedroom as dark as possible. You can also try wearing an eye mask
    • Noise- Less noise means more sleep. You can reduce noise levels with rugs & drapes, earplugs, background “white” noise) eg. Fan, or soothing music.
    • Comfort – A good mattress can improve the quality of sleep
    • Function- Try not to use your bedroom for work activities or studying. Make your bedroom a stress-free zone.
  4. Have a midday rest if possible (any time between 11am – 2pm)
  5. Avoid eating or drinking anything 2-3 hours before bedtime
  6. Avoid stimulants in your diet (refined sugar, caffeine, nicotine, artificial sweeteners)
  7. Avoid watching the clock
  8. Exercise regularly
  9. Drink Camomile Tea
  10. Try taking Valerian
Dr. Elaine Hickman
Dr. Elaine Hickman B.H.Sc. TCM (Acupuncture), Cert.Cl.Ac (Beijing) Registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine

If these steps don’t help or if your sleeping trouble is severe ie. disturbs your ability to function during the day, then you need help tailored specifically to you. The cause of your sleeping trouble needs to be determined and what the best solution will be. Chinese Medicine excels when it comes to individualised, effective help for insomnia. And at Freedom Chinese Medicine, we excel in Chinese Medicine.

We have a combined experience of over 70 years, so we more than enough skill and experienced to help you. And we pride ourselves on providing a professional, relaxing experience. To help you with your sleep, we may suggest Acupuncture, Herbal medicine, Qi Gong, Meditation, Massage or a combination of these therapies to get you sleeping soundly as soon as possible.

Best of all, with Chinese Medicine, you can get better and stay better. If you are suffering with sleep trouble, I strongly suggest you don’t put up with it, seek some help. I see sleeping problems alleviated every day in the clinic.

I appreciate that trying new practitioners or therapies can be a tad scary. You want to make sure that you feel comfortable with the practitioner who is helping you. That is why I’m offering an initial health assessment, in which I do a brief assessment of your health and advice a treatment strategy for you. It gives you the opportunity to see if me and my team are the right people to help you. Please call us on 03 9486 5966 today to book your consultation with us. Flash special ~ 20% off your initial consult if you mention this offer. For 1 week only! Expires 4/11/16 


1. http://sleepfoundation.org/how-sleep-works/how-much-sleep-do-we-really-need and http://www.macses.ucsf.edu/research/allostatic/sleep.php

Time for a happy gut?

Does your bowel seem irritable? Does it bloat, hurt, not empty properly, make you nauseas & constipated? Or do you have diarrhoea, frequent loose stools, urgency or frequency? Do you worry that your Irritable Bowel Syndrome will play up at that next outing, work meeting or social function? Does your gut make incredibly loud noises, seemingly at the worst possible times?

I can help you. My name is Dr. Victoria Rathjen-Duffton, a Doctor of Chinese Medicine with a special interest in digestive health. I can determine the underlying cause of your digestive problem and treat it naturally with a holistic approach, whether it be by using diet changes, herbal medicine, acupuncture, stress management or a combination of therapies. A recent review of 6 statistically significant studies, from 1966 to 2013 found that Acupuncture has a 96.7% total effectiveness rate of treating IBS¹.

abdominal painAre you tired of being offered medications and solutions that only treat the symptoms momentarily before they reoccur again? Well with Chinese medicine you will get a holistic and individualised treatment tailored specifically to help you. That way your IBS gets better and stays better.

I can determine what type of IBS you have and the best way to remedy it. Using both acupuncture and herbs, the underlying imbalance which is causing your IBS can be addressed, so you should start to notice improvements within just 1 month. Leaving you to feel better and lighter, free of the burden of bowel symptoms.

wellnessAre you concerned that acupuncture may be painful or herbs might be difficult to take? Well, they aren’t. It’s much easier than what you’ve been experiencing. But don’t take my word for it, come in and try it yourself. The first 10 new patients who come in for an appointment and mention this article will receive 50% off their first session. What have you got to lose?

Look forward to helping you soon,
Dr. Victoria Rathjen-Duffton

Dr. Victoria Rathjen-DufftonVictoria Rathjen-Duffton is an AHPRA and AACMA registered Chinese Medicine practitioner offering both acupuncture and Chinese herbal Medicine. She completed her bachelor of health science – Chinese medicine through the Southern School of Natural Therapies before undertaking an internship at the Tzu Chi hospital in Taiwan.
Victoria is passionate about Chinese medicine, striving to empower her patients to take control of their own health, while helping the body to create a balanced state through acupuncture, herbs and dietary/lifestyle education.
Victoria is also a herbalist and can make you up a unique herbal formula tailored specially for you and your ailment.
She has a strong interest in gastrointestinal and immune disorders, as well as gynaecology/fertility and dermatology.
Furthermore, Victoria is committed to always improving her knowledge and keeping up to date with new research and is currently completing a masters degree in Chinese medicine. Click here to find out more about our Chinese acupuncture treatment.

Victoria is available on Wednesdays & Fridays at Freedom Chinese Medicine in Ivanhoe, Melbourne.   Contact the Clinic on 03 9486 5966 or email: [email protected] today to book.
1. Orloff, S. (2014). Acupuncture Proven effective for treating IBS Symptoms. World Journal of Gastroenterology.


http://www.traditionalacupuncture.com.au/digestive-health/irritable-bowel syndrome/?gclid=CPemm8Wp0sQCFYQDvAodpx4AZw



Stop Smoking with Acupuncture

Many people have found quitting smoking to be easier when assisted by acupuncture.  Tiny points on the ears are often stimulated for their endorphin modulating effects that can ease the frequency and severity of cravings. Acupuncture has been used for many years to help stop smoking. In North America, acupuncture has been included in government initiatives such as the NADA protocol.


To set yourself up to win against the smoking habit, it is important to consider that acupuncture only eases the physical cravings and smoking is typically a complex habit with social, mental and emotional aspects that are often tightly woven through many routines in your daily life. If you address and account for the broader place and relevance of your smoking habit, you are more likely to succeed in quitting. Careful planning and lifestyle adjustment is frequently needed. Quitting smoking also tends to alter your overall physiology and it is important to counter any such changes with actions supporting rejuvenation and nutrition. An experienced, holistic practitioner can help make the difference you need.


Dr. Daniel Gibbs has helped hundreds of people to quit smoking cigarettes with a combination of acupuncture, lifestyle advice, dietary supplementation and stress management techniques. Dr. Gibbs is available for acupuncture sessions on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays in Ivanhoe.  Are you ready  to quit? Click here to book.


Daniel Gibbs

Dr. Daniel Gibbs has been practicing Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Massage since 2005. He has experience in treating a wide range of conditions and has specialised in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, and smoking cessation treatments; assisting hundreds of people to quit cigarettes.

Daniel is a very relaxed person with excellent skills, so is able to help you on many levels. He is also a veteran skateboarder & an enthusiastic snowboarder.

Daniel is available for appointments each Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.

All sessions by appointment only, click here to book.