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DayTimeAvailable Practioners
Monday9am - 2pmDr. Shiro Akiyama
2pm - 8pmDr. Christine Lee & Sue Wellwood (massage)
Tuesday9am - 8pmDr.'s Elaine Hickman, Daniel Gibbs, Andrew Chambers & Andrea Mallett (Naturopath)
Wednesday9am - 2pmDr. Shiro Akiyama & Jenny Lawrence (Psychologist)
2pm - 8pm Dr. Christine Lee, Sue Wellwood (Massage) & Andrea Mallet (Naturopath)
Thursday9am - 8pmDr.s Elaine Hickman, Daniel Gibbs & Andrew Chambers
Friday10am - 1pmDr. Christine Lee & Sue Wellwood (massage)
2pm - 8pmDr. Shiro Akiyama & Daniel Gibbs
Saturday9am - 5pm Dr. Elaine Hickman & Daniel Gibbs

You are able to book, confirm, reschedule and cancel your appointments on-line via this website by clicking this button:

If you are a new patient who would like to book an initial appointment, or an existing patient with a new problem, please call 03) 9486 5966 or email because longer session times are required.

How to book a follow-up Acupuncture consultation:

1. Click the Book Now button on any page of the website. A new window will open.

2. In the Appointment locator section, select a practitioner if you have a preference. Here is also where you can select an Open Room Acupuncture session.

3. Select which service you would like to book from the drop down menu.

4. Click on which day you want to be seen (available days have a white background & aqua text). The day will then open on the screen. Available appointment times are indicated by a white background.

5. Click on which block of time you would like. You will then be asked if you are a new or returning user (to the online diary). Tick the appropriate box.

If you have forgotten your login information, click on the aqua “I forgot my login information” and it will be emailed to you.

If you select new user, you will be asked for contact details, to create a login, password etc.

6. Once you have entered your login, password and any other required info, click the Finalize Appointment button.

7. Print or export your confirmed appointment if you like & logout

It’s quick & easy!

Note: If you would like to book a Laser Acupuncture, Cosmetic Acupuncture, Herbal Consult, or a Kid's appointment and the system won't allow it (it may get confused with the different appointment durations), simply join the waiting list & indicate which day & time you want and we will contact you promptly.

How to check or change your existing appointment:

1. Log-in using your username and password

2. Click on the Appointments button

3. Your appointment will be displayed on the bottom RHS of screen, click on the link for details

4. Click on cancel appointment if you need to. To reschedule, book an appointment as per the How to Book instructions above.

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