Helping people is what we at Freedom Chinese Medicine have been doing for over 15 years.

The key to a happy life is good health. When you lose your health, even for a short time, it affects almost every aspect of your life. Poor health is limiting. Imagine not having the energy or clarity to make positive choices about food, exercise or pursue your hobbies that bring you joy.

When we have good health, we are free to live life more fully and it is an upward spiral. We need to value good health more.

Facilitating healing, providing pain relief, restoring function, boosting immunity, fertility, digestion, and soothing nerves is part of what a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine does every day.  At Freedom Chinese Medicine, we do this VERY well. Some of our services are acupuncture (fertility, cosmetic, laser, etc), massage, remedial massage, cupping, and ear candling, just to name a few.

To this end, Freedom Chinese Medicine also teaches people how to stay well, how to keep their bodies, minds and spirits free to function optimally, free to move and be happy. How to quiet a chattering mind, how to eat well, breathe better, think more clearly, move better. We offer classes such as Qi Gong and meditation.

We firmly believe that the power to be well, is within you.  As excellent health care practitioners, we facilitate your journey to optimal wellness.

However, the current health system doesn’t always work that way. High quality health care is not always free or easy to access. We believe it should be available for all. Our vision is for Freedom Chinese Medicine to one day be a place where people can access exceptional quality, holistic health care for little cost.

More people need to know that Chinese Medicine is a safe & effective option that can relieve their health problems. More people need to know that Freedom Chinese Medicine also offers practical patient education and classes and that these will also set them free.

Do you know this?  Is it high time that you experienced the benefits of being as well as you can be?  Can you imagine how your life could improve?  If you’d like help but don’t know where to start, just drop us a line or give us a call on (03) 9486 5966.  Our excellent practitioners will know what to do.

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